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Influit Energy Contributed To Chemistry Entrepreneurship Textbook

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

“Chemistry Entrepreneurship” textbook from Wiley-VCH released in December 2021 features two book chapters from Infuit Energy team members.

This book is a groundbreaking guide to the commercialization of scientific breakthroughs in chemistry, from successful entrepreneurs.

Chemistry Entrepreneurship is a step-by-step guide that is specifically devoted to understanding what it takes to start and grow a new company in the chemistry sector. Comprehensive in scope, the book covers the various aspects of the creation of a new chemical enterprise including: the protection of the invention, the business plan, the transfer from the research center or university, the financing, the legal setup, the launching of the company and its growth and exit strategies.

Alex Duchak, Influit’s Biz Dev authored Chapter 3 titled “In Pursuit of New Product Opportunities: Transferring Technology from Lab to Market”.

Influit’s founders Elena Timofeeva, John Katsoudas, Carlo Segre, Alex Duchak and Thomas Day authored Chapter 5 on “Battery Entrepreneurship: Gameboard from Lab to Market”.

Energy storage is the key need and enabler of the future renewable and carbon-free economy. Currently thousands of research groups around the world are developing new battery materials, new separators, new electrolytes, or totally new battery chemistries. But how do these innovations get to the market? The purpose of this chapter is to provide clarity on the potential commercialization paths and perspectives for researchers and inventors working in the energy storage space. The chapter presents multiple case studies of successful and failed battery startups, analysis of energy storage industry landscape, and step-by-step algorithm for developing a commercialization strategy for the specific type of battery technology.

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