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The First Rechargeable, Safe Electric Fuel

Influit has developed the world's first non-consumable, nonflammable, non-combustible, rechargeable electric fuel, called nanoelectrofuel (NEF), engineered with domestically sourced, abundant raw materials. We’re changing the way the world thinks about energy storage and distribution, electric mobility, and safety.


At its core, Influit’s technology and our sine qua non is our functionalization method to suspend solid battery materials in a (aqueous) solution and keep them suspended. This allows us to create composite materials with the properties of solids that behave like liquids, and allows for a new way to transport energy, electrically, thermally, and radiologically.


The original research was conducted by the founders while at Argonne National Laboratory and Illinois Institute of Technology more than ten years ago. John Katsoudas is a physicist, Elena Timofeeva is a chemist and fuel cell expert, and Carol Segre is a physicist with 35+ years in fuel cell, catalysis, and battery research. Founded in 2014, Influit has 13 staff, including chemists, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers, prototype engineers, and product developers.


Nanoelectrofuel (NEF): A New Way of Transporting Electrical Energy

For electrical energy transport, NEF is not a new chemistry but a new format or new way of storing and distributing electrical energy. We have 1) drop-in replacement battery form factors (imagine a 6T size for military, but NEF inside), and we have 2) a refueling/recharging unit to create a closed-loop, energy distribution ecosystems. The closed-cycle energy storage ecosystem is enabled by mobile flow battery pods that can be connected to, and accumulate energy from, either distributed or centralized intermittent sources of renewable energy. Once charged, the rechargeable liquid can be pumped or transported away from the pods to electric vehicles or other devices separated from the energy generation sites, while discharged liquids are returned to the pods for charging.


NEF is:

  • Non-consumable

  • Noncombustible

  • Nonflammable

  • Conformable

  • Has end-of-useful life recycling and disposal options

  • Comprised of US-abundant raw materials, or “earth-friendly” raw materials


Traction to Date

Influit been awarded about $14M+ in federal and defense research contracts over the last 6 years, with current engagements with AFWERX, DARPA, and NASA. We can design and engineer NEF systems for aero, terrestrial, and underwater platforms. We have a current commercial development engagement, producing an electric platform for select floor cleaning equipment and ongoing defense engagements for the electrification of various military platforms.

Who Is Influit Energy?

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