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Optimization of NEF

Influit is working under a sequential SBIR contract to optimize the flow field of the cells and design a unique and robust method for scaling the production of NEF.

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DARPA Sequential Phase II
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Commercial Partner Engagement

​While Influit’s NEF battery technology is an attractive solution for transportation and other large battery applications, for our first application we are targeting the electric utility vehicle (EUV) market. EUVs include forklifts, warehouse load bearers, pickers, carts, and more. Still dominated by lead acid batteries, this over 60 billion-dollar market is ideally suited to the novel NEF energy storage system and is fast moving, with a lower entry barrier compared to the electric vehicles market. In this project Influit Energy is working closely with a UAV manufacturer to establish a pilot program using their floor cleaning machine. We are building a mule system that fits into the battery compartment and that will be tested and evaluated under industry standard testing protocols as well as under field conditions.

DARPA Phase II Option


High Energy Density Liquid Rechargeable Battery Pods for Closed-Cycle Energy Storage Ecosystem

Influit is developing a novel approach for a rechargeable liquid energy storage format to address basing and defense capability needs. The closed-cycle energy storage ecosystem is enabled by mobile flow battery pods that can be connected to, and accumulate energy from, either distributed or centralized intermittent sources of renewable energy. Once charged, the rechargeable liquid can be pumped or transported away from the pods to electric vehicles or other devices separated from the energy generation sites; discharged liquids are returned to the pods for charging. Implementation of the closed-cycle liquid energy storage systems will "invert" the paradigm of military energy, whereby the extremities of U.S. military power become the beneficiaries of reliable, abundant, and continuous energy, rather than the most energy-challenged segments. A pilot program will validate the NEF battery for entry into both military and civilian markets.

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